Registration is now open until the 15th of December 23:59 GMT.

Registration for IPT 2020 open!

Registration for IPT 2020 is now open. For countries with an IOC member, please register your team with them who will then select a team to represent your country at the international finals in 2020. You can find a list of IOC members here. The deadline for registration is the 15th of December 23:59 GMT.

First-time Registration

If the country that hosts your university has not yet participated in the IPT, you can form a team on your own and directly contact us.

If more than one team applies in a country without a representative, the Executive Committee takes the responsibility to organise a national selection. The teams must complete a written report outlining the solution to one problem selected from a possible three that will be taken from the official list selected by the IOC. The teams have 4 weeks after the registration deadline to send their written report. Each team is free to enclose his own experimental material and to cite it properly in the report.

The Executive Committee may help the new participating countries to pay their entry fees to the tournament. However, the travel costs to and from the tournament location are the charge of the team.

Constitution of the teams

A team consists of a maximum of six students (only bachelor and master students – no PhD accepted, sorry!), and two team leaders (PhD, Postdoc, or Professors).



The fees are 1100€ per team. The fees include housing, meals and some activities during the week of the tournament.

For any additional participant, a supplementary fee must be paid by the sending university or the participant to cover his/her accommodation and living costs. The supplementary fee per individual for the 2020 edition will be EUR TBA.- The travel costs from and to the tournament have to be paid by the teams.


Please note that in the case more teams apply than there are seats available, a pre-selection process will be initiated. In which case, certain teams will be required to submit a report on one of the problems below. Reports will be graded according to if they give a plausible solution, how well supported they are (experiment and/or theory), how innovative the solution is and how well all the possible solutions have been considered. The teams have to send their report only to (for anonymity reasons). Each team has until a month after the registration deadline to submit a scientific style report on a finished or even unfinished solution to one of the following three problems:

  • 2 – Precious Energy
  • 3 – Paper tube
  • 14 – Jumping bean

As a reminder, the description of the problems is available on the website.

The report must have a .pdf format and cannot exceed 5 pages (except the title page). You are free to enclose your own experimental material (videos, photos, computer programs – smaller than 10 MB in total) and to cite it properly in the report. In addition, countries with national selections (at least 3 teams participating in physical fights format judged by a jury, at least 2 fights), teams may choose from an additional two problems:

  • 1 – Cumulative cannon
  • 6 – Planetary clock

Often the winner of the national tournament wins their country’s seat in the tournament, should they also pass the international pre-selection stage. Please also note that the pre-selection stage is free.