Physics Fights time and time zones

Links to Physics Fights

Welcome room + Jury Briefing

Jury Briefing will start 30 minutes before the Physics Fight!
(China 19:30, India 17:00, Pakistan 16:30, Ukraine+Russia 14:30, FR+DE+SL 13:30, Colombia+US 6:30)

Fight Rooms

Team members and Jury should connect to one of 5 separate rooms according to Team Allocation and Jury Schedule shown below.
Room 1: (chairman – Evgenii Glushkov)
Room 2: (chairman – Sebastian Fava)
Room 3: (chairman – Nikolay Lysenko)
Room 4: (chairman – David Collomb)
Room 5: (chairman – Anastasiia Vasylchenkova)

Team Allocation

Jury Schedule

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