The Tournament

This year, the IPT will be composed of two separate events, the usual tournament you are all familiar with, and the IPT Conference. The two formats are quite independent and students can participate in either of them or even both! The purpose of this page is to explain the rules of the Virtual Tournament.

The Virtual Tournament

The virtual tournament will follow the general rules of the tournament you are familiar with, but with some important modifications in order to make it compatible with the new online format.

Each team will be given 5 permanent rejections, which have to be announced before the physics fight. To balance this, each team will only have 2 tactical rejections per physics fight, which are used as normal.

Additionally, the role of the Reviewer is removed for the physics fights, meaning each physics fight is between 2 teams only, with Reporter and Opponent roles as usual.

The Final will be with 3 teams, and run with the standard IPT format.


In order to register for the online tournament, the normal procedure applies. Get in contact with your IOC representative or, if you don’t have one, apply as a single team by getting in touch directly with the Execom through this form.

Exceptionally, all students which obtained a master degree (or equivalent) in April 2020 or later will still be allowed to participate.

Registered teams (by registration date)

  1. France France – winners of the French national selection: ENSTA Paris