The Conference

This year, the IPT will be composed of two separate events, the usual tournament you are all familiar with, and the IPT Conference. The two formats are quite independent, and students can participate in either of them or even both! The purpose of this page is to explain the rules of the virtual Conference.

The Virtual Conference

The new great addition of this year will be the IPT-Conference! It will give all students, no matter if they have qualified for the international stage or not, the chance to present their work in a typical conference-style format, gaining valuable experience in the world of scientific communication.

Each presenter will be given a 20 minute time slot, which is divided into strictly 10 minutes for presenting, followed by 8 minutes for questions from the audience, with 2 minutes buffer time for technical difficulties. Everyone can participate as audience to view the virtual Conference presentations, and join in to ask questions and discuss the physics of the presented problem.

The presentations will be grouped together in sessions, where each session covers a single IPT problem. A session is expected to last 2-3 hours, depending on the number of submissions, and 3-4 sessions will be held every day, until all the problems are presented.

The Conference will take place after the tournament, and the specific dates will soon be announced.


You can register individually following this link, until the 15th of August 2020. Based on the number of registrations, we will determine the number of allotted time slots for each presenter.

In order to guarantee the possibility of everybody to present their work, we may have to set a limit of presenters from the same country.

Exceptionally, all students who have obtained a master degree (or equivalent) in April 2020 or later will still be allowed to participate.